Simply Jess Art


My Story

Many people know me as Simply Jess, Miami’s #1 Nightlife promoter but now, you will know Jessica, the Artist and Designer!

I've been in the nightlife business for about 10 years now and I’ve created a platform for bigger and better opportunities. Building my brand and The 400 Club in Miami was and still remains a passion of mine. I love the fact that I hold the responsibility of making sure all guest have an enjoyable and memorable experience. I’ve learned that something as simple as hanging out, surrounded by people can make a difference in someone’s life. You never know what someone is going through and a single night of dancing, laughing and just enjoying yourself can make such a difference. I’m always asked things such as “How do you promote every night?” or “Aren’t you tired?" and my reply is always, “Every night is not always the same!”. I never know who will show up and I will never miss an opportunity to network and expand my brand!

My life goal wasn’t to be a promoter, but as they say, “when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade”. My goal was to be an artist and designer. Growing up, most people wrote in their journals to vent their feelings. I didn't, I drew my feelings. I started dabbling in the art world since a youngster in elementary school. I remember staying behind after class just to finish drawing! Art not only gave me something to do in my spare time, it became an outlet for me in my time of distress. It gave me a chance to escape from reality and delve deeper into my creative zone. It is no coincidence that I’m so attracted to the art world as the creativity bug runs in my family. I have a brother that is a Celebrity Fashion Designer, a Chef and a DJ! My little sister Jennifer F. also picked up on the family creativity as an up and coming photographer.

Although circumstances took me down a different route in life, I never lost sight of my goal! I’ve always made it a habit to be involved with the art and design process when it comes to my brand. Everything from my flyers to social media postings display my artistic side. I’ve also never stopped drawing! Art Basel was the first time I got to introduce everyone to Jessica, The Artist and Designer. It felt so good to finally broadcast my pieces and show the world there is much more to Simply Jess! I plan to continue down this artistic route because it is truly my calling!